New FREE phishing emails

Cybercriminals sent out tens of thousands of phishing emails mainly to users in the USA. The subject of the email suggests that Amazon has sent a gift card. Once the email is opened, users are tricked into believing that one of the biggest companies in the world has sent them a free gift of $100.

The whole message reads:

We are delighted to enclose a $100 Amazon gift card as our way of saying Thank You

Amazon gift cards looking exactly like the ones you receive from Amazon that deliver a banking malware for the gullible people. They have the correct Amazon logos, order numbers, and so on.

Once an unaware user clicks on the fake gift card, one of the following three banking trojans is installed:

  • A Word file is downloaded that urges the soon to be victims to enable macros. Once the “Enable Content” button is pressed, payload files of the malware are downloaded onto the device.

  • Screensaver files containing malicious scripts that are able to evade email security are downloaded.

  • A file that is embedded in the body of the email is executed as soon as the link is pressed.

This malware targets computers with Windows Operating System, and the main goal of it is to steal banking credentials.

Think Before You Click!

Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and a lot of people are looking forward to it for many reasons: lots of food, beautiful decorations, spending time with family, and most of all, receiving gifts. But, this also entails giving gifts, which can take a toll on one’s bank account.

Your savings don’t have to suffer this season. There are a couple of things you can do to give some great holiday gifts to your loved ones without breaking the bank. Here are three of them:

Get a Separate Account for the Holidays

If you’re serious about avoiding overspending during the holidays, consider setting up a new account early in the year that’s solely for holiday shopping. You can deposit your budget in a savings account or a CD from a trusted and reputable bank. That way, you can gradually build your Christmas funds over the months.

Any funds left in your account is money back in your pocket. You can also use it as a starting point for building your budget for the next holiday season.

Stick to a Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when gift shopping for friends and family, especially when you find something you know they’ll love. But, you can easily end up spending more money than you can afford. That’s why it’s important to develop a strict budget and stick to it.

Once you’ve settled on a holiday budget, make a list of people you want to give gifts to and determine how much you want to spend on each of them. If there are more people you want to give gifts to, you can opt for a homemade and creative present.

Cash Over Card

Online shopping may be the most convenient way of buying gifts nowadays. But it’s also pretty difficult to keep track of how much you’ve already spent and have left on your budget. So, if you plan to go out to buy presents, it’s best to spend cash instead of using your card.

Often known as the envelope budget, the trick is to only withdraw your holiday budget and use that to pay for your gifts. Once you’ve spent all of the cash, resist withdrawing more money and using cash that isn’t part of your holiday funds.

Trust Table Rock Community Bank as Your Holiday Partner

Remember that holiday gifts don’t have to be flashy and expensive to be meaningful. Table Rock Community Bank can help you manage your budget so you can get everyone a lovely gift for the holidays.

Go ahead and open an investment, youth, or regular savings account with us to help you save for the holidays. Get in touch with Table Rock Community Bank at 417-739-9300 to learn more.


Top 10 Holiday Cyber Security Alert Tips

It's Holiday Season for the bad guys too! But not the way you might think. They go into scam-overdrive mode. 

So, here are this year's Top 10 Holiday Cyber Security Alert Tips:

1)     Keep all devices up to date with basic security measures to lessen your chance of becoming the victim.

2)     Only connect to known Wi-Fi networks; beware of network names that have typos or extra characters.

3)     Use strong, unique passwords on all accounts. This is a good time to update passwords!

4)     Be safe on all social media; don't overshare and take the time to review your privacy settings on the platforms you use.

5)     Keep an eye on your bank accounts and monitor your credit report regularly.

6)     Be careful with messages regarding shipping changes. Always use official channels to stay updated.

7)     Watch out for holiday greeting cards that may not be the sender you think! Don't open these unless you're certain you can trust who they came from.

8)     Keep devices in view (or know where they are) throughout the course of all holiday travel.

9)     Pay close attention to the websites you visit and shop on. It's safest to only use those you trust.

10)  Be wary of ads, giveaways, and contests that seem too good to be true. These run rampant during the holiday season!

Key Benefits of Remote Deposit Anywhere

Depositing checks can be tedious and time-consuming especially if you're a business owner who has to do it often. Thankfully, remote banking has made this task much easier. With just a couple of photos, you can make a check deposit without going through multiple processes.

Remote deposit anywhere (RDA) is an advancement in online banking that allows businesses to digitally deposit checks. RDA works by scanning the front and back of the check with a mobile device. The check's digital copy is then submitted to the bank where it's immediately processed. Here are the 3 key benefits of RDA:

Convenient and Fast Transaction
Smartphones can do so many things nowadays and one of them is depositing checks. Just download an online banking app like the TRCBank On the Go and you can easily deposit your check by simply snapping a photo.

Once you have the check scanned, the bank will be able to see all the necessary information and process it as soon as possible. Through RDA, your check should be cleared within two to three working days.

Safe and Secured Method

Some people might be hesitant to remotely deposit their checks due to security. But banks that offer RDA have various safety measures like encryption and passwords to ensure that your finances are always protected. RDA provides increased protection against common threats like duplicate checks and fraud. Considering the risks of physically transporting or mailing your checks, this is the safer method of depositing a check.

Although the security of mobile deposits is guaranteed by the bank, it still requires responsibility and due diligence from users. Always make sure to keep your deposited checks somewhere safe and never leave it lying around for anyone to see.

Save Time and Money

The number one benefit of RDA is the amount of time and money you'll be able to save. By remotely depositing your checks, you eliminate the need to make multiple trips to the bank, pay mailing or courier fees, and fall in line for hours. If you're an entrepreneur, this means that you'll have more time to focus on your business operations.

Deposit Anywhere With Table Rock Community Bank

Depositing checks through remote banking will make your financial transactions so much easier. So, download the TRCBank On the Go app now for a convenient and hassle-free check deposit. To learn more about Table Rock Community Bank's Remote Anywhere Deposit service, call us at 417-739-9300.