Key Benefits of Remote Deposit Anywhere

Depositing checks can be tedious and time-consuming especially if you're a business owner who has to do it often. Thankfully, remote banking has made this task much easier. With just a couple of photos, you can make a check deposit without going through multiple processes.

Remote deposit anywhere (RDA) is an advancement in online banking that allows businesses to digitally deposit checks. RDA works by scanning the front and back of the check with a mobile device. The check's digital copy is then submitted to the bank where it's immediately processed. Here are the 3 key benefits of RDA:

Convenient and Fast Transaction
Smartphones can do so many things nowadays and one of them is depositing checks. Just download an online banking app like the TRCBank On the Go and you can easily deposit your check by simply snapping a photo.

Once you have the check scanned, the bank will be able to see all the necessary information and process it as soon as possible. Through RDA, your check should be cleared within two to three working days.

Safe and Secured Method

Some people might be hesitant to remotely deposit their checks due to security. But banks that offer RDA have various safety measures like encryption and passwords to ensure that your finances are always protected. RDA provides increased protection against common threats like duplicate checks and fraud. Considering the risks of physically transporting or mailing your checks, this is the safer method of depositing a check.

Although the security of mobile deposits is guaranteed by the bank, it still requires responsibility and due diligence from users. Always make sure to keep your deposited checks somewhere safe and never leave it lying around for anyone to see.

Save Time and Money

The number one benefit of RDA is the amount of time and money you'll be able to save. By remotely depositing your checks, you eliminate the need to make multiple trips to the bank, pay mailing or courier fees, and fall in line for hours. If you're an entrepreneur, this means that you'll have more time to focus on your business operations.

Deposit Anywhere With Table Rock Community Bank

Depositing checks through remote banking will make your financial transactions so much easier. So, download the TRCBank On the Go app now for a convenient and hassle-free check deposit. To learn more about Table Rock Community Bank's Remote Anywhere Deposit service, call us at 417-739-9300.